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2 Way & 3 Way Poppet Solenoid Valve Specifications & Dimensions

Part No. Valve Picture Port Size (NPT) Voltage Electrical Connection Port No / Position / Solenoid Cv/Flow Rate Response Time Power Rating Valve Symbol
P = Inlet Port
A, B = Outlet Port
E, R, S = Exhaust Port
2V1-1/8 Manifold Solenoid Valve 1/8" 1 = 12VDC
2 = 24VDC

2A = 24VAC
3 = 110VAC
4 = 220VAC (50/60Hz)
G = Grommet
D = DIN (with LED Indicator)
Direct Acting
Normally Closed
Two Way Valve
Cv = 0.23
22 SCFM @ 100PSI
<20ms 3W for 40PSI

4.8W for 60PSI

6.5W for 115PSI
3V1-1/8 1/8" 3/2/1
Direct Acting
Normally Closed
Three Way Valve
Cv = 0.1
5 SCFM @ 100PSI

Port & Mounting Body Ported, Stackable (Stacking Hardware Included)
Action & Motion Direct Acting, Normally Closed, Two Position, 2 to 3 Way
Operating Pressure 28" Hg to 115PSI (Coil Wattage Dependent)
Working Medium 40 micron Filtered Air, Inert Gas, & Liquid
Maximum Pressure 150 PSI
Operating Temperature -5 to 80°C with non-freezing medium
Coil Insulation & Protection Class F Class, IP65 (CE Certification)
Coil Duty Cycle 100% ED
Electrical Connection D = DIN (with LED indicator, conduit terminal)
G = Grommet (12" Lead Wire)
Body Material Anodized Aluminum
Seal Material NBR (Buna N)
Lubrication Not Required

Download 2V1 & 3V1 Installation Procedure

2V1 & 3V1 Series Solenoid Valve Dimensions (Units in mm)
Includes Stacking Hardware and Seals

Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Dimension
Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Assembly

Electrical Coil Connections

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